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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Man on the Moon news report

Astronaut discovered 50 years late, After expedition launched the astronaut was discovered 30 years later on the Moon alone on a bench  by a local citizen with her family telescope after scanning the Moon quickly think nobody would be there she's spots the astronaut sitting on a bench not far from the house he also built the house was a small box with a triangle shaped roof with one window and a door set in front of the
House he created.

The only thing that is wrong is that the man has no way of coming back to earth but it is possible to send something to the man instead. The Local girl uses balloons tied to a gift and sends it down to the man.

On the Moon and this gift is a telescope to look up to earth, and saw the girl as she's says at the interview at our news hub today that's todays news Thank you.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Monday, 12 November 2018

Why did dinosaurs go extinct

This week we chose what we explained and wrote it on a document. I have chosen the dinosaurs extinction

I think I did well but I took a while but that might only be because I was away on Friday the week before

Horse Racing Generalise map


Thursday, 25 October 2018

The Holiday Disaster

At 50 years old Jamie Jefferson was a retired pilot. A quiet, kind and thoughtful character, his short jet black hair is as dark as the night sky. On his way back home to Auckland after holidaying in Bali, his deep brown eyes sparkled with excitement as he was going back to his family.  Waiting for him at home were his two kids Jeff and Jasmine Jefferson and his wife Jessica Jefferson. He was so excited to his lovely family again

During the flight, Jamie noticed two suspicious looking men ambling towards the cockpit. It seemed as if they were on fire raging as they were furiously trying to pick the lock of the cockpit door. “Hey What are you doing!?” Jamie shouted but they ignored him and kept on picking the lock.  Jamie Jefferson sharply stood up and crept towards the crouching men. Standing over them Jamie demanded to know what they were doing. ‘’Do you know what you are going to do? You are going to park your bottom on the black seat back in the cabin ’’ sneered one of the men. Jamie wanted to punch the man but he held it in because he saw the silenced pistol in the man's pocket Thinking the men are hijackers returning back to his seat, Jamie muttered to himself, annoyed at not being able to help. Suddenly the silence was broken, “AHHHHHH” screamed the injured pilot. Leaping up,  Jamie ran straight through the door as if he was the FBI Smashing the Wooden door out of his way, grabbing the fire extinguisher from the wall on the way into the cockpit. Jamie saw that the hijackers were flying the plane straight into the sky tower, and were trying to rid the plane of fuel so it would be harder to turn. Holding the extinguisher above his head, he brought it down over the heads of the hijackers knocking them both out cold. Wielding the controls, Jamie Jefferson steered the plane safely out of the way and found a safe place to land. People cheered and cried with relief.

A week later, Jaime’s face was on all the newspapers and magazine covers. He couldn’t go anywhere without people stopping for selfies and autographs. Suddenly large quantities of money started appearing in the letterbox. Jamie was having a spending spree. Jamie was buying new flash clothes for his kids and jewelry for his wife. His family said he was getting out of hand they wanted him to stop but Jamie wouldn’t listen he just kept on spending ,spending and spending. Later that week his kids came home with tears running down their faces. Jamie asked them what happened they said that their friends weren’t talking to them anymore because they were extremely jealous so they didn’t want to be friends

Then Jamie realized he had to change for the sake of his family because his wife told him that the parents were also jealous of her so none of them talked to her while she was picking up the kids. Then Jamie had a TV interview later. on in the day he thought that would be a good place to give his apologies to his family and for being a bit greedy then he said he was going to give back all the money to all the people that gave it to him the next day the clothes were getting returned to the stores and the money was going back to the people that gave it to him and the kids were friends again and so were the parents of the other children. Then all went back to normal, and they all lived a happily ever after.

The End
I wrote this with my partner James