Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Helping Others!.

In the middle of the ocean lurks the monsters of the dark gloomy sea. Shipwrecks and volcanic vents are where the most unusual sea creatures can be found. Divers enjoy exploring the seabed salvaging what's left of ships before taking their treasures to the museum.

Mermen also scavenged the seas for food but they had company. While the Mermen were scavenging for some delicious shrimp and fish a group of sharks approached. The sharks got ready to attack and lure the mermen into their trap. The trap was set so when the mermen pulled on a fish, the door of the trap would fall and trap the mermen. But the trap didn't work properly because some of the mermen escaped. The mermen that escaped had a plan to get the others out before the sharks came back to eat them.

The mermen made a plan to RIP some metal off of a shipwreck using their spears to make a lever to pull  the cage up so the mermen would be freed. When they arrived at the cage the mermen all pushed the lever as hard as they could and the cage slowly lifted. The mermen lifted and lifted and the cage finally opened, the mermen swam as fast as they could so they could escape the shark territory. One of the mermen said when they left “We are not going to touch that place again”.

After they got back home they had a Delicious feast to celebrate. The mermen who were trapped were all delighted that they had made it out alive. The mermen were grateful that their friends had not left them behind and worked together to free them. The mermen never did return to the sharks territory and always scavenged and worked together as a team.

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