Sunday, 24 September 2017

Acrostic,Haiku,Cinquain and Alphabet poems

Blurb: We wrote Diffirent Types of poems For Globalization on Monday the 25th of September

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Helping Others!.

In the middle of the ocean lurks the monsters of the dark gloomy sea. Shipwrecks and volcanic vents are where the most unusual sea creatures can be found. Divers enjoy exploring the seabed salvaging what's left of ships before taking their treasures to the museum.

Mermen also scavenged the seas for food but they had company. While the Mermen were scavenging for some delicious shrimp and fish a group of sharks approached. The sharks got ready to attack and lure the mermen into their trap. The trap was set so when the mermen pulled on a fish, the door of the trap would fall and trap the mermen. But the trap didn't work properly because some of the mermen escaped. The mermen that escaped had a plan to get the others out before the sharks came back to eat them.

The mermen made a plan to RIP some metal off of a shipwreck using their spears to make a lever to pull  the cage up so the mermen would be freed. When they arrived at the cage the mermen all pushed the lever as hard as they could and the cage slowly lifted. The mermen lifted and lifted and the cage finally opened, the mermen swam as fast as they could so they could escape the shark territory. One of the mermen said when they left “We are not going to touch that place again”.

After they got back home they had a Delicious feast to celebrate. The mermen who were trapped were all delighted that they had made it out alive. The mermen were grateful that their friends had not left them behind and worked together to free them. The mermen never did return to the sharks territory and always scavenged and worked together as a team.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Hansel and Gretel with a Twist!


Once upon a time there dwelled on the outskirts of a large forest a poor woodcutter with his wife and two children.

The two children of the woodcutter were sent into the forest by their stepmother. Hansel and Gretel walked slowly through the terrifying woodland. Hansel wore dirty dull shorts and a dark green shirt the colour of his eyes. Gretel was wearing a filthy skirt and shirt that matched her dark evil green eyes. When they set out in the forest they saw a cottage they recognized it was made of candy.

The children were surprised but started eating all the candy they could, they also stole a little for later. Then a woman came stomping out in a rage the old lady was very wrinkly and had a top hat and black clothes, the black clothing was horrifying the top hat was very dusty and out of date. The kids were scared so they ran like lightning all the way home. Meanwhile the police were called by the woman who was still extremely furious. The furious old woman couldn't sleep because she was so mad at the horrible children who had eaten her home and stole some of it too.

Hansel and Gretel finally got home and were exhausted when they made it. The police were searching the forest. The police were wearing dark blue suits with silver shiny handcuffs and had the had German Shepherds. The police were also wearing golden shiny badges and had walkie talkies that crackled with static the same sound of if the TV was broken. Other police were at the house in case Hansel and Gretel came back. Seeing the police near their home Hansel and Gretel didn't come in the front way they went the back way (it was extremely secret). When Hansel and Gretel got in the house they heard the police at the front door breaking in. So Hansel and Gretel hid in a place where they played hide and seek and were never found. The police said “come out with your hands up” Hansel or Gretel replied instead they escaped through a window quickly going to the forest. One of the police saw an open window where Hansel and gretel escaped. The reinforcements were called to help chase Hansel and Gretel.

Hansel and Gretel were running through the forest as if they were in a cross country race, but the police were still catching up. Hansel and Gretel started to get tired so they stopped running. The police were tired too. The police finally caught up and said “PUT YOUR HANDS UP AND DROP YOUR WEAPON NOW!!!” as if they were in Auckland on the show “Police ten 7” live on Television.

Hansel and Gretel were sent to the courtroom. The courtroom was like a school hall but had lots of seats and 3 benches for the judge, criminals and lawyers. The criminals were being guarded by tough police with a long mustaches and sunglasses. Suddenly the Judge said to Hansel and Gretel “For the crime you committed you are sentenced 10 10 years without parole” then he slammed the gavel on the wooden bench. The judge said “take them to custody”. The police took Hansel and Gretel to custody Hansel And Gretel were  tased because they tried to escape again. Hansel and Gretel spent ten years inside but learnt “never to steal other people's property” and neither should you.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Seeing through fresh eyes

I was approaching the bus stop when I saw a stranger with long, shaggy, reddish orange to dark brown hair. The stranger to the city sauntered onto my bus with his extended front limbs. I was driving the 267 express bus. I was approaching the bus depot finishing my long tiring shift. The stranger had rich chocolate eyes and caramel hair. It was approaching the bus but i was already off and going home I made it home and I saw the stranger walking behind me I unlocked the door and stepped into the cold house and went to play games. I didn't notice that the stranger followed me into my house I was already to busy playing games. as he explored. I was going to get something to eat. I was approaching the kitchen as I was the stranger was approaching the lounge. I did not notice he was there so I made my sandwiches I put nutella on them the nutella was very caramel brown I was on my way back to my room as I did the stranger went to the bathroom and pulled a handle which turned on the shower. I heard it so I went to investigate. As i did he was gone so i thought it was a ghost . i was as afraid as a kitten alone in the city. 

Monday, 31 July 2017

Where am I...

Getting out of my taxi I enter the gigantic building dragging my case with me. I go to a counter to get my case weighed by a lady with heavy makeup and a smart black suit. Walking into a room my case is scanned for dangerous objects. I get my my little black book scanned by a serious looking man with a moustache in a tall booth. He looks at me suspiciously like I am a criminal on the run! but lets me past. The gate is next and I get my ticket scanned before boarding the giant winged beast.