Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Arctic fox and Arctic Hare compare and contrast writing

The tundra is a cold ,windy, treeless environment known for it’s difficult living conditions .However there are a number of animals that have adapted in order to survive the often inhospitable .These animals include arctic fox, falcon ,musk ox ,reindeer,Arctic owl and Arctic hare. We are comparing two animals of the tundra are the Arctic hare  and the Arctic fox

Both the arctic fox and the arctic hare and are found in the tundra the fox is found in the arctic tundra but he lives  in Canada ,Russia , Sanabria ,Alaska.On the other animal  arctic hare lives  in Greenland

The Arctic fox  have diet  based on what is available to them  the Arctic foxes diet mainly consists of voles ,lemmings and small animals  .  the Hare's diet mainly consists of berries

Arctic fox shelter
Arctic foxes shelters are usually den’s made around river banks or hillsides also burrows and blizzards, they are known to make tunnels for their shelter.

Arctic Hares shelter  
Arctic hares shelter is when the Arctic hare dig a hole up  and live they get out when it's mostly winter so they get there prey.


Both the Arctic Fox and Arctic Hare have adapted to living in the Arctic,such as the long, white fur that they both have, and short, small heads to reduce heat loss. The hare has longer limbs compared to other rabbits, so it can reach up to 60 kph and scratch up food. Arctic foxes, however, mainly scavenge for food. They also eat eggs, berries, birds and small mammals, including hares.

Even  though both the Arctic hare and  fox have successfully  adapted to survive the tundra believe the Arctic fox is better suited to not only survive but to thrive . The  Arctic fox has a thick coat.